MTB cyklistická helma CASCO MTBE 2 black-titan structure matt

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MTB cyklistická helma CASCO MTBE 2 black-titan structure matt
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Mountain bike helmet that leaves nothing to be desired
The MTBE 2 offers the full safety pack to be off-road with enough safety reserves (CASCO 3 shell construction, extended protection zone, CASCOfit, CascoLoc, splinter-proof helmet shield). The MTBE 2 is also a class in terms of fit. The head of the wearer only touches the helmet via a tense net, which on the one hand virtually excludes pressure points and on the other hand ensures a wonderful ventilation. In addition, the many large-volume ventilation openings ensure a cool head even with high physical use. Otherwise, the helmet is also well-equipped, be it by a good visibility at dusk as well as by an ingeniously easy to install winter set.

Comfort, Climate, Safety
Efficient ventilation - Complete rinsing of the head with cooling wind even at low speed uphill. As a result: around 30% more ventilation than the Activ2 test-winner helmet. (current winning helmet of the German consumer magazine Stiftung Warentest; Verdict: very good ventilation)
Safety: The MTBE offers an extended protection range with its particularly low-drawn rear. This can be very important in the case of an accident, because according to accident experts, 20% of all fatal bicycle accidents are in the area behind the ear.
CASCOfit net, set up – feel good: incomparable fit comfort and pleasant helmet climate on every trail and every ascent.
the CASCOfit network defuses lateral rotations in the event of a fall
CASCO 3 shell construction: sophisticated helmet construction, which makes it possible to strengthen the centrally important points on the helmet in the event of a fall and to minimize others in favour of reduced weight.
Visible Safety" 360° all-round visibility through reflective stripes of color – for the sake of the environment without batteries.
Versatility: The MTBE has an innovative connection integrated into the helmet shell to attach surprisingly simple and uncomplicated warming ear pads. A helmet to feel good even in the cold season.
The helmet shield is 8-fold adjustable height adjustable and in favor of safety made of special soft plastic (no splintering, no cut injuries in case of a fall).
Optionally available: an all-weather cover for cold and rainy days
The eyeglass strap holder is designed like a sporty spoiler and dispenses with hackle-like clamping devices.
CASCOloc Quick opening, easy to adjust/adjust, no annoying hard parts in the cheek area.
The MTBE 2 is unexcited and modern with its large distinctive ventilation openings, the curved rear and the pointed front helmet shield.
Compact helmet design that doesn't work very well
Colour play: True to the motto "Color your helmet", the reflective CASCO stripes of the MTBE can be individually adapted to the colour.
Robust and classy: the new structure surface not only looks insanely good, but also protects against traces of use (applied to the colours black/titanium and black)
Lightweight and high-quality - the integrated aluminium mesh against insects

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