Men's Swim-Run Evolution Wetsuit with 8mm Calf Sleeves - BLACK/BLUE/ORANGE

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In Swim Run events, like triathlon, you want to limit the need for changing kit, but you also want something built for the task in hand. The Zone3 Evolution suit is just such an item, designed in collaboration with a previous winner of the famous ÖtillÖ race in Sweden and three other multi finishing Swedish athletes. Designed for both swimming and running, everything has been thought about, including flexibility, comfort, buoyancy and functionality.

Recognised and shortlisted for the 220 Triathlon magazine ‘GAME CHANGER OF THE YEAR’ award, the suit combines a great fitting swim wetsuit, with the benefit of high stretch leg panels for running and a front zip for lung expansion and breathability on the run.

Key Features:
  • The first front-zip performance-focused Swim-Run wetsuit on the market.
  • Designed in collaboration with a previous ÖtillÖ winners, specifically for Swim-Run events.
  • 220 Triathlon ‘Game changer of the year’ award.
  • Made using Yamamoto materials.
  • Every suit comes complete with 8mm thick calf sleeves, compass and whistle.

Key Benefits:
  • Comfortable in and out of the water.
  • Easy access heat regulation.
  • Lightweight and durable.

Key Features Include:
  • Built-in silicone band on the inside, just above the elbow. Designed to be cut if the athlete requires so that the sleeves can be worn on the swim and easily removed for the run.
  • Two internal pockets on the front and one large external pocket on the back for Swim-Run essentials. Size and position perfected over the last three years.
  • High durability backside panel for durability on rugged terrain.
  • Pro-Speed silicone coated arm cuffs allowing the suit to be taken off quickly.

  • Yamamoto materials used everywhere except the lower leg panels, offering fantastic performance features such as:
    Speed: The aqua dynamic 'SCS' Nano coating applied to the neoprene creates almost zero drag through the water. A drag coefficient of just 0.021 compared with 4.0 for regular neoprene wetsuits.
    Flexibility: A massive 480-580% in elongation, compared with human skin (underarm) which is just 60-70%. Superior flexibility and comfort with an expansion of 7x conventional wetsuit materials.
    Warmth: Keeping the body warm in cold waters helps to reduce body fatigue and improve performance.
    Environmentally friendly and buoyant: Derived from limestone rather than oil, the neoprene has a 23% higher closed-cell structure, increasing the buoyancy levels for the swimmer.

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